How to Prepare for Severe Weather in the Summer

June 28, 2022

How to Prepare for Severe Weather in the Summer

Severe weather can happen at any time of year and can cause chaos in the summer for people who live in the danger zones. Severe weather can include thunderstorms, strong winds, tornadoes, hail, and flash floods. In the worst-case scenario, home insurance can pay for repairing or replacing items that may be lost or damaged due to severe weather. 

Preparing for Severe Weather

But insurance shouldn’t take the place of preventive measures. It is advisable to take the following precautions against severe weather conditions

  • Understand weather terms
  • Plan for severe weather 
  • Know what to do when extreme weather occurs 

Understanding Severe Weather Terms

Knowing and understanding terms associated with severe weather is crucial for disaster preparedness. In addition, knowing what certain conditions entail helps you and your family determine what you need to do for your safety. 

Here are some standard severe weather terms and what they mean:

Hurricane warning. It alerts residents to hurricane conditions expected to occur within the next 48 hours. When residents get this warning, preparing for severe weather conditions is advisable. In extreme cases, local officials may advise residents to evacuate their homes. 

Hurricane watch. It happens when a hurricane with sustained winds of 74 mph or higher is possible as the storm approaches. 

Severe thunderstorm watch. The strategy goes into effect when a thunderstorm may occur in a particular area. 

Flash flood watch. It happens in areas with a high likelihood of flooding due to heavy rainfall.

Flash flood warning. This warning occurs when a flash flood is already in progress. It is advisable to seek higher ground and evacuate if directed. 

Tornado watch. A tornado watch signals that a twisted is in the surrounding area. Residents must know how to react to sudden weather changes and upcoming storms. 

Tornado warning. It occurs whenever a weather radar spots a tornado in the vicinity. Residents should take shelter immediately.  

Planning for Severe Weather

Preparing a plan for severe weather is crucial for ensuring safety and minimizing loss and damage. People living in areas where a storm may occur should check the weather forecast regularly and stay tuned to the local news. It is also a good idea to download a local weather tracking app and find out how to receive community warnings. 

If you haven’t done so already, put together an emergency kit with the following supplies:

  • Blankets
  • Extra batteries
  • Cell phone chargers
  • Power banks
  • Canned goods 
  • Flashlights
  • Battery-operated radio
  • Prescription medicines
  • Bandages 

You should also check and update essential documents such as insurance papers and home inventories. Store these in an emergency kit or waterproof container. 

After developing an emergency plan, conduct a drill so that your family will know what to do when the time for urgent action comes. 

Don’t forget to prepare your home by trimming tree branches near windows before the storm hits. If possible, fasten loose objects and secure the windows and doors. Be sure to store valuable items inside sturdy containers. 

When Severe Weather Occurs

Knowing what to do during severe weather is also crucial for minimizing the risk of injuries and damage. 

Ensure that you prepare your emergency supply kit before the storm hits. If authorities request an evacuation, tune into an NOAA weather radio to know where you should go. 

During severe weather, stay alert and monitor the situation. If instructed to evacuate the area, do so quickly and head to a safe location. 

After the storm has passed, keep away from damaged power lines and get rid of spoiled food. Avoid immersion and contact with standing water.

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