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How Restaurants Can Implement Curbside Service

November 24, 2020

How Restaurants Can Implement Curbside Service

Nothing about this year is ordinary. Everyone is doing their best in attempting to catch on and adapt to this “new normal.” Restaurant owners are but one of the few sectors that have been terribly hit. It is during these times that having the Best VA Restaurant Insurance can come in handy. Managing a business when the world is battling a pandemic is a rocky situation to be in. It surely is nice to know you have the proper support and coverage even when things are uncertain. So, how do restauranteurs navigate this? Here are some tips for adapting and implementing curbside service.

Why is it ideal to offer curbside service?

With people stuck in their homes or social distancing, restaurateurs had no choice but to extend their scope from offering only in-person food services to providing delivery or curbside pick up options to remain in business. Some are quick to jump on the bandwagon, while others have doubts and have taken quite some time to adjust.

It takes courage and creativity to try something new, and it’s only natural to be feeling apprehensive in doing this now. Small scale restaurants have expressed concern over the possibility of incurring more expenses because of the packaging cost, training additional staff, etc. However, in our world today, it’s all about how best to provide value for the money and stay afloat. Offering curbside services is the easiest way of doing just that. Let’s deep dive into some of the benefits and tips on how best to achieve this.

It offers convenience and safety

The percentage of people willing to dine out despite the pandemic has decreased by 3% since the previous week. Notwithstanding the apparent downward trend, the rate is still considerably higher than how it was last March.

The size of the establishment, how closely packed people could be, and the ventilation are all valid factors that people consider when choosing which restaurant to dine in. Even with safety precautions in place, people know they still put themselves at a certain level of risk whenever they step outside their homes. You provide patrons with an alternative to enjoy their favorite food without the added risk by offering curbside service.

Opens an additional revenue stream

Offering curbside service is like opening your doors to a whole new set of potential customers. You have better chances of converting them now versus before just because you’ve given them the option to stay in control and manage their health better.

Tips on providing curbside service

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind should you decide to push through with this alternative service.

1. Have a separate dine-in and curbside menu

If you consider having the same items on your dine-in menu available for pick up, think again. It is best to keep them separate. Start by including your best sellers. Then think about how your customers can easily transport them while maintaining their high-grade quality. If you deem it impossible to keep them at their most unspoiled state after transport, then take them off your list.

2. Think like a customer

When coming up with your curbside menu, be creative, and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What do they need? Since most are working from home and juggle family and work-related tasks, choose to provide options that can help save them time. Consider selling family packages, meal kits, and grocery staples.

3. Study the packaging

Your food won’t matter regardless of how great tasting it is if customers don’t even get them home because of poor packaging. Your customer will remember the mess and the stink you left on their car but would never consider buying anything from you ever again. That is not the impression you would like to make, and as they say, first impressions last! You would not want to ignore this advice unless you prefer being part of this list.

Do your research. Check out different types of containers and make sure they are properly sealed to avoid any spills. Don’t forget to include utensils, napkins, and condiments too.

4. Have clear curbside interaction protocols

How does the customer contact you? Do they get a call or text when their order is ready? Is the location clearly marked and easy to spot? All these are important in providing a full customer experience.

Coronavirus up to now has no cure and social distancing is still in effect. We don’t know how long the pandemic will last. For your business to endure, it’s vital to keep your options open and your customers’ best interest at heart.

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