Spring Cleaning

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

March 28, 2020

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

You would think that after so long we would get used to it, but spring still delights every year! The gray skies slowly give way to beautiful blue, the green of the grass and trees come back, and the birds and the bees are singing. It gets you ready to make some changes, but why stop at spring cleaning?

This spring take some extra steps to take the house to the next level, starting with reviewing your home insurance policy to ensure it’s up to date and has enough coverage to protect all of your belongings and assets.

Give the Windows Some Love

Windows may not be anyone’s great passion, but they can create a drab house – or add some class and friendliness. Check to see if there are any screens that need to be replaced or glass that needs repair. Maybe the shutters could be painted or some new curtains could offset those flower boxes full of fresh blooms.

Make a Plan for the Yard

The yard makes or breaks the appearance of a home. It is easy to separate the two mentally, but they should work in tandem. Before the season gets too advanced, make a plan for how to clear out the weeds, thicken the grass and pursue some other ideas. There are some great lawn care systems out there, and the Internet is chock full of cute ideas to accent the sidewalk and mailbox.

Clean Out the Gutters

This one may not be as fun, but it is no less important. No one wants to climb up the ladder when it’s freezing outside, but now is the time to clean the gutters. The leaves may not be falling, but the rain is probably picking up. Get the drainpipes and gutters nice and clear, and consider adding a cover to save some trouble next year. This will make sure all the water drains away from your home, rather than pooling at the foundation, which could be an expensive repair down the line.

Clear the Clutter

And while we’re de-cluttering, do the same thing inside. Christmas decorations, space heaters and seasonal clothing were probably moved in and out of their storage spots, so you probably saw a few things worth changing. Re-organize the storage and closets but take the time to eliminate items that are unnecessary. Make a day of it, turn on some music, and daydream about finally being able to reach the things you need with ease.

Update Textiles

Large expenses may be out of the question when it comes to updating the house. But a few textile changes go a long way. Find new pillows, curtains or covers – or better yet, re-cover them yourself! The new fabric will be bright and fresh, and maybe even inspiring a paint job down the line.

New Ideas & Opportunities

Once the house is nice and spruced-up, it may be time to think about putting that fabulous space to good use. Why not rent it out, or use it as an Airbnb? BlueSky Insurance handles all of the liability issues and could help you decide if your house is just nice enough to share.

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