Get the tax help you need.

Look to BlueSky for Tax Preparation

At BlueSky, in addition to protecting businesses against potential liability and property damage losses with comprehensive insurance programs, we can also provide tax services that include preparation and filing small business tax returns. Our team includes Registered Tax Preparers ready to provide you with these services and reduce your tax burden.


We’ll ensure that you know your tax requirements, are able to quickly resolve issues, maintain your compliance and protect your bottom line year-round. Even more importantly, you’ll have the  freedom to run your business with the peace of mind knowing that your tax partner will ensure all of your bases are covered.

Our Small Business Tax Services

BlueSky offers the following small business tax services:

  • Tax Resolution and Representation: We have the experience needed to address an IRS notice or any other tax notice. Eliminate or minimize tax penalties with prompt attention.
  • Tax Consulting: Get the advice you need to understand and prevent typical tax problems.

BlueSky is here to ensure your businesses taxes are done correctly while also providing you with guidance to save time and money.